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Vita Vini is a Colorado-based wine importer and distributor of hand-crafted, terroir-authentic wines. Our partners are family-owned grower producers committed to sustainable methods and earth friendly farming. Our portfolio strives to meet the following criteria:

PRODUCTS: We import & distribute wine. Period.

SELECTION: Our in-house Certified Sommeliers taste and evaluate every wine we import to ensure it meets our quality standards. We only select wines that meet this quality standard and that are correctly priced. We strive to import wines that people drink in their own countries that are not commonly available in America.

AUTHENTIC: Indigenous varieties, natural yeasts. Minimal filtering and sulfites, no flavor enhancements or chemicals.

PARTNERSHIPS: We source wine directly from the grower/producer/vineyard. We partner with family growers whose investments in their lands and cellars leave little money for marketing and promotion to the U.S.

MARKETS: The U.S. states of Colorado, Utah, Idaho, New Mexico, and Texas are underserved for authentic grower produced wines. We market our wines to Hotels, Independent Retailers, Fine Restaurants and Distributors.

SUPPLY CHAIN: We directly import from grower/producer partners to our warehouses. All packaging and transportation is managed by professional logistics companies that ship our wines using climate controlled containers in order to preserve the wine quality and characteristics. We store all wines in our temperature and humidity controlled warehouse in order to be sure that wine isn’t exposed to high or low temperatures that could affect the quality.